Pergite delivers the Adxto PSP medical support system.

Pergite Software AB has now delivered the new Patient Support System (PSP) to Adxto. The system was launched at the annual Almedalen conference and is targeted at supporting patients with their pharmaceutical treatments.

Patients can join the support programs free of charge at or at a pharmacy.

A support program contains various activities, such as emails, text messages, questionaries and (in some programs) nurse calls.

On the backend of the system, all patient data is encrypted and submitted data is separated from the patient, protecting patient integrity and following regulations.

For the sponsoring farmaceutical companies there are graphs, reports and non-personal data.

The development of PSP was conducted as a rapid development project during two months by the Pergite Labs team.

For more information about Adxto PSP contact Helena Östregård, see for details.

/Mikael Runhem, Pergite Software AB, +46-708558899

Join the FreeBu beta test and get a low user account number :-)

We are now expanding the beta test of our new calendar sharing system FreeBu

Right now, we have just passed account number 75 so if you would like to be among the first 100 users, create your free-for-life account at !

Why use FreeBu?

Well, you can put links like “My calendar is available at in you email footer.

Or, you can create team links that show the availability of everyone in the team, regardless of what calendar system they are using (We support Google Calendar, Microsoft Office365 and Apple iCloud Calendar).

And, if you are a developer and would like to spend your time on building the ultimate Family Calendar app, please add /JSON at the end of the url.

Or, add your family members to get the /family to show you what is going on today in the calendars.

Or, if you would like to check the luch availability among your friends: Mark them as favorites and use /lunch.

Have fun!

Mikael Runhem