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Pergite spins off the system to new subsidiary and streamline sales

For the last years, we have been busy developing, the QR based TMS (Things Management System).

The development started back in 2015 with the idea of how to make error reports super easy.
Over the years the system has begun to be used in various verticals, utilizing the powerful ease of use paired with rapid deployments.

Now, having gained market success, we have decided to put the system into a separate subsidiary: Rexidy AB.

Together with this, we have also signed a master distributor agreement with Blippaco AB.

With this, we are focusing on technical development (in Rexidy) and sales+customer projects (in Blippaco).

For more information visit

/Mikael Runhem, CEO, Pergite Software AB and Rexidy AB.

Pergite delivers Insurance Claim System for

We have been working with the development of a bespoke insurance claim system since January.

Yesterday the customer Alivia decided to go live, putting the new ALiSS system into action.

Aliss is developed to integrate with the insurance system Focus (by Jaycom).

We also made sure that Alivia selected Fortnox as the ERP system. This way we can fully automate invoices and provide financial reporting invoking data from both Focus and Fortnox.

Please visit for more information.

/Mikael Runhem is live, offering article unlocks!

During the last six months, we at Pergite have developed a new online system for online media subscriptions.

The first service launched is Glimta Unlock that allows unlocking of articles behind paywalls. This is done in cooperation with the newspapers, offering a legal way of sharing content and making sure the publisher gets paid.

First out are some small Swedish newspapers. And no, we are deliberately not launching this to the English markets yet, we need some time to polish the system first.

Also, we added support for automatically monitor the news feed, scanning thousands of sites through a partnership with 🙂

See (Swedish only for now)

/Mikael Runhem