About Pergite Software AB

After I sold the company EPiServer I wanted to get back to the roots. Therefore I founded Pergite Software as a platform for new, interesting software projects.

During the past years two of the old EPiServer developers, Johan and Risto, has joined the company as partners.

Among other things, we have developed:

  • https://wl.enecto.com
    Translates traffic from Google Analytics into company leads with financial information). Sign up for a free trial by logging in with your Google Analytics account).

  • Adxto PSP (https://psp.adxto.com )
    Patient Support System for medical drug treatments.
  • https://freebu.com
    Our own new calendar sharing/meeting scheduling system. Sign up for a free-forever account at https://freebu.com/signup 
  • http://perpetus.com
    Out own monitoring system (to detect non-events like failing backup jobs etc),

Best regards,
Mikael Runhem, founder of Pergite Software

Our office is located in the Kista Science Tower building outside Stockholm.

Pergite Software AB
Kista Science Tower, Färögatan 33
164 51 Kista

Phone: +46-708 55 88 99

Contact? Add Mikael Runhem on LinkedIN with a message.