Pergite spins off the system to new subsidiary and streamline sales

For the last years, we have been busy developing, the QR based TMS (Things Management System).

The development started back in 2015 with the idea of how to make error reports super easy.
Over the years the system has begun to be used in various verticals, utilizing the powerful ease of use paired with rapid deployments.

Now, having gained market success, we have decided to put the system into a separate subsidiary: Rexidy AB.

Together with this, we have also signed a master distributor agreement with Blippaco AB.

With this, we are focusing on technical development (in Rexidy) and sales+customer projects (in Blippaco).

For more information visit

/Mikael Runhem, CEO, Pergite Software AB and Rexidy AB.

Pergite delivers Insurance Claim System for

We have been working with the development of a bespoke insurance claim system since January.

Yesterday the customer Alivia decided to go live, putting the new ALiSS system into action.

Aliss is developed to integrate with the insurance system Focus (by Jaycom).

We also made sure that Alivia selected Fortnox as the ERP system. This way we can fully automate invoices and provide financial reporting invoking data from both Focus and Fortnox.

Please visit for more information.

/Mikael Runhem is live, offering article unlocks!

During the last six months, we at Pergite have developed a new online system for online media subscriptions.

The first service launched is Glimta Unlock that allows unlocking of articles behind paywalls. This is done in cooperation with the newspapers, offering a legal way of sharing content and making sure the publisher gets paid.

First out are some small Swedish newspapers. And no, we are deliberately not launching this to the English markets yet, we need some time to polish the system first.

Also, we added support for automatically monitor the news feed, scanning thousands of sites through a partnership with 🙂

See (Swedish only for now)

/Mikael Runhem

Web Push messages for the Adxto Patient Support System

Pergite has now delivered “Web Push Notifications” to the Adxto PSP platform.

With this new feature, it is now possible to send out messages to subscribing patients through the Google Chrome browser, even if the patient is not currently visiting the PSP website.

This action can be added to current or new patient support programs.


/Mikael Runhem

Google Calendar integration for Starcounter

Pergite has now delivered an integration app package for the Starcounter platform.  Utilizing these apps, the updating of an event inside Google Calendar is instantly replicated to/from the Starcounter database.

This, in turn, allows for apps like Conference room reservations etc.

For more information, please contact Mikael Runhem using the mail adress m @ the pergite domain in the url above.

Pergite delivers DSP integration for Oracle Eloqua.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 8.47.53 .png

Pergite and Infunnel have now integrated the new Mopedo DSP system with Oracles marketing automation platform Eloqua.

This makes it possible to use segments from  Eloqua in advertising campaigns without the risk of exposing the customer database.

Mopedo replaces the external uncontrolled DSP (Demand Side Platform) by supplying the advertiser with its own DSP, securely inside the firewall.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 8.50.31
A new live monitor showing the current ad bids is now in beta test.

For more information, please visit and

FreeBu Teams!

The first beta version of the new Teams function for FreeBu (our calendar sharing system) is now live.

With Teams it is easy to get a view of all team members calendars, even though the calendars reside in different systems (like Google Calendar, Office365, Apple iCal etc).

Like the previous Assistant role, you can let Team members book appointments directly in a Team member calendar.

Already a FreeBu user: Check out

FreeBu teams screenshot

Tryout the Perpetus monitoring system and avoid embarrassment!

The Monitor screen has been made to mimic the Desmond Hume control panel in the "Lost" TV series . Note: The countdown numbers flips and turns red when they reached zero :-)
The Perpetus Monitor screen has been made to mimic the Desmond Hume control panel in the “Lost” TV series . Note: The countdown numbers flips and turns red when they reached zero 🙂

During the years we have had many systems going down. Perhaps due to lack of memory. Or due to a changed password. Or some service account being removed.
Most of these systems were quite easy to monitor, like “website x is down” or “disc y is running low on spac”e etc.

There are hundreds of monitoring systems to do this.

However, there were some “silent failures” (nonevents)  that was a bit harder to monitor. Like automatic imports/exports and reports sent out by email or text/sms.

Working with our Enecto systems we now ran into this problem again. Reports that were supposed to be delivered failed to be sent out by email. And nobody in our team noticed. Even though we copied ourselves on the daily report emails..

And when a customer finally called after a few days we were embarrassed and decided this would never happen again!

But how to monitor something that was supposed to happen?
But did’t?

After going through the whole internet we found some “dead mans switch” systems but these failed to meet our standards. Either too technical or too specialized.

So, being a small software company we built our own system.
We used one of my old domains, ( Perpetuus is Latin for “continuous, entire or universal”) and built a sort of egg clock system.
Step one is to create a monitor.
The monitor is basically a countdown timer that resets the countdown each time the monitor url is accessed
Or when the special email address for the monitor receives an email.

Simple monitor setup
Simple monitor setup

Also, we have something called Testament. This is the last will of the monitor and is the action/actions performed if the monitor countdown reaches zero.  Right now these actions can be sent as email or text/sms messages.

For our developer friends we also have a basic API that allows to create monitors on-the-fly 🙂

Ready to try Perpetus? Just log in at !

(During the Beta no credit card details are needed but alerts are limited to emails).

/Mikael Runhem, Pergite Software AB